What is a "Cool Burning" Sparkler?

Cool burn technology is the newest development for sparklers. What exactly does cool burn refer to though? The phrase "cool burn" means that these sparklers burn all the way through, leaving no hot, metal rod behind after they're done sparking. They will burn all the way to the handle so that all you are left with is a small piece of cardboard. Cool burn sparklers are better for the environment by limiting waste, safer to use with children because there is nothing left over for kids to burn themselves on, and produce richer flames/sparks than classic sparklers. 

How do Cool Burning Sparklers work? 

Cool burning sparklers work by using all combustible materials instead of metal rods. These sparklers are wrapped in cardboard and self-combust as they create the sparkler effect. Because of this, users are left with only the non-toxic, cardboard handle when the sparkler is finished! The handle can be recycled after, completely eliminating waste! 

What do Cool Burning Sparklers look like? 

As of right now, we have one size for cool burning sparklers. They are about 12 inches long, wrapped in a variety of colors, and burn for up to 60 seconds. The flame produced by a cool burning sparkler is longer and more vibrant than regular sparklers. You can get quite close to the flame before you can feel the heat from it. For photos, these sparklers will provide a brighter luminescence than classic sparklers. When they are done burning, you will be left with only a small rod 2-4 inches long that can easily be stowed in your pocket. 

What are the best events for Cool Burning Sparklers?

Cool Burning Sparklers can be used in place of classic sparklers for just about any event! They are perfect for holidays (4th of July, etc) or other events where kids will be using them because of their cool-to-touch properties after they're done burning. These sparklers are also perfect for weddings and engagements! Their colorful wrappings add the perfect touch to make you photos pop! They are very easy to light by using one sparkler as a 'starter.' Touch the lit sparkler to the next one in line and so on, easily lighting hundreds of sparklers in no time! Sparklers are also gaining traction in the photography industry. You can get creative with long exposures at night time to draw shapes and letters with the sparks!