Peacock Sparklers - Best Sparklers for Events

Peacock sparklers are a type of pyrotechnic device that are commonly used at weddings and other special events. These sparklers are named after the peacock, a bird known for its beautiful, shimmering feathers. Similarly, peacock sparklers are known for their bright, colorful sparks and long burn time, making them a popular choice for adding a touch of glamour and excitement to wedding celebrations.

One of the main advantages of using peacock sparklers for weddings is their impressive burn time. While traditional sparklers may only burn for a minute or so, peacock sparklers can burn for up to 3 minutes because of their longer wicks. This means that they can be used for a variety of wedding-related activities, such as grand exits and sparkler send-offs, without the need for multiple sparklers or constantly relighting them.

Peacock sparklers also produce a beautiful display of sparks in a range of colors, including gold and silver. This adds an extra element of visual excitement to the celebration and creates a memorable experience for guests.

In addition to their aesthetics, peacock sparklers are also a safer option compared to other types of pyrotechnics. They emit minimal smoke and have a low heat output, making them suitable for use indoors or in enclosed spaces. They also come in a convenient, easy-to-handle size, making them easy to use for wedding guests of all ages.

Overall, peacock sparklers are a fantastic choice for adding a touch of sparkle and excitement to a wedding celebration. Their long burn time, glittery sparks, and safety features make them a popular choice for couples looking to add a little extra magic to their special day. Check out to see all the options they have, 12 Inch Sparklers, Champagne Sparklers, Cake Sparklers and 24 Inch Sparklers