Cool Sparkler Co Product Guide

With so many products to chose from, finding the best fit for you might be a bit of a challenge! Hopefully this guide will help clear up any confusion. We have three basic product types: Sparklers, Gender Reveal Cannons, and Smoke Bombs. Within those product types we have lots of options! See each one below for more details. 


Within our sparkler category we have three different types: Classic Sparklers, Champagne Sparklers, and Cool Burn Sparklers. Sparklers are perfect for holidays, engagements, weddings, and more! All of our sparklers come in 10 packs and are each great for different reasons. You can purchase these packs in sets of 10, 40, 60, 100, 200, and 300! 

Classic Sparklers 

Classic Sparklers are exactly as they sound, the original sparkler that everyone remembers playing with as a kid on the 4th of July. We have three different sizes of classic sparklers: 12 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch. 12 inch sparklers are great for holidays and evening photo shoots. However, if you're wanting to do a wedding send off, or longer photo sessions, we suggest purchasing the 24 inch or 36 in sparklers. They will burn for much longer, giving you more time for photos! Here are the various burn times:
12 inch - Up to 60 seconds
24 inch - Over 2 minutes
36 inch - Over 3 minutes 
If you plan to use classic sparklers for a wedding send off, we suggest purchasing 2 sparklers per person for 12 in sparklers, and 1-2 sparklers per person for 24 and 36 inch sparklers for weddings with more than 150 people.

Champagne Sparklers 

Champagne sparklers are completely unique in how they glow! Unlike normal sparklers, champagne sparklers produce more of a 'flame' and less of a firework effect. These sparklers are most commonly used on wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and champagne bottles! They are great for creating a very large effect relative to their size! Our champagne sparklers are 7 inches long, 1/2 an inch wide, and burn for up to 45 seconds. 

Cool Burning Sparklers 

Cool burning sparklers are the newest addition to our sparkler line up. With newly developed technology, these sparklers take the cake when it comes to safety, functionality, and environmental awareness! Our cool burning sparklers are 12" long, produce the longest spark, and burn for up to 90 seconds. Each one is wrapped with a colorful stripe and self-disintegrates as it burns! When it's done sparking, you're only left with a 3-4" handle and nothing else. This can easily to stowed in a pocket and recycled, unlike normal sparklers that leave a hot metal rod behind. The flame length for cool burning sparklers is about 2-3" and produces a rich golden flame/spark. Of all three types of sparklers, these will definitely produce the largest effect for their size! 

 Utah Smoke Bombs 

Smoke bombs are a great way to add color and uniqueness to your event! You can use them for gender reveals, event photos, and much more! We have three types of smoke bombs to chose from: 90 Second Smokes, Mini 30 Second Smokes, and Dual Vent Rapid Release Smokes. All of our smoke bombs come in 11 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, teal, black, white and brown. We also have pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs that come with discreet labels! There is a color code on the side of the smoke bomb so you can determine the color:

REV 1 = Pink

REV 2 = Blue

90 Second Smokes (RP90)

Our 90 second smoke bombs are our most popular smoke bombs! They last the longest at approximately 60-90 seconds and produce a ton of smoke in that time. With ring pull activation, you won't need a lighter in order to start them. Just make sure you pull the ring at a 90 degree angle to the smoke bomb instead of straight out to ensure that they light properly. These smoke bombs are approximately 5 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and vent out of one side only. 

Mini 30 Second Smokes (RP30)

Our Mini 30 Second Smoke Bombs are just like the 90 second smokes, except smaller! They also vent out of one side, have ring pull activation, and are great for making props smoke (such as a smoking pumpkin around Halloween). These smokes are about 4 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, and will produce smoke for 30-45 seconds. Don't let their small size fool you though, they still create a huge effect! 

Dual Vent Smoke Bombs 

Dual Vent Smoke Bombs are different in that they vent out of both sides instead of just one. These smoke bombs are great if you need to produce a large cloud of smoke very quickly. They will create about the same amount of smoke as a 90 second smoke bomb; however they only vent for 20-30 seconds, so the smoke comes out much faster! Dual vents are about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. They are a little smaller than 90 second smokes, but they too come with ring pull activation! We also have one extra color option in our dual vents that produces red smoke out of one side and yellow smoke out of the other! 

Gender Reveal Cannons

 Gender Reveal Cannons are one of our top selling gender reveal products. They are great for photos and come with completely discreet labels so you won't know the gender until they're popped! We have three types of cannons: powder only, confetti only, and powder & confetti. Most cannons are 12" long and about 2 " in diameter. Each cannon will shoot its contents 10-15 feet into the air, creating a huge effect! For the best photos, we recommend getting a combination of both powder and confetti (or a few of each) so you get mixed effects. The last number on the bar code (far right corner of the bar code) indicates what cannon each cannon is:

1 = Pink
2 = Blue
3 = Silver

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons 

 Powder Cannons are also sometimes called 'smoke cannons' because the powder cloud they create looks a little bit like smoke! The powder is made of a combination of corn starch and color dye, so it shouldn't stain clothing and will wash away from the ground! Depending on the clothing you wear, some clothes are more susceptible to absorbing the color dye than others, so please be careful if you have delicate fabrics on! Powder cannons come in pink and blue only. Make sure to have you have your camera ready when popping these, as the powder cloud disappears after only a few seconds. Please note that although all our labels and packaging is discreet, sometimes powder can leak during shipping. Powder is very fine and difficult to ship! If any powder does leak, it can easily be cleaned up with a wet rag or a Clorox wipe (it won't affect the functionality of the cannon at all). If you're planning to ship cannons directly to the mother to be and want to keep the secret, we suggest purchasing confetti or powder & confetti cannons for this reason. If possible, have someone who knows the gender check the box first! 

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons create some of the coolest photos! If you have everyone shoot their cannons up, but one person point the cannon above the photographer, your photos will come out so cute! Confetti cannons also come in silver as well. You can play 'cannon roulette' by giving a bunch of people silver cannons and one person the correct gender color. Have each person pop their cannons one at a time to make a game out of it! Be sure to have some extra cannons with the right color for photos after! Confetti cannons are the safest type of cannon to ship directly to the mother to be because they are the least likely to leak during shipping as well! 

Gender Reveal Powder & Confetti Cannons

Can't decide between powder or confetti? Check out our Gender Reveal Powder & Confetti Cannons! You get both effects in one cannon with these! If you're looking for an even bigger effect, we have these cannons available in our 24" size as well. 24" cannons will shoot the same distance as our 12" cannons, but with double the amount of powder and confetti inside! Unfortunately, we don't have these available in silver, just pink and blue! You definitely get the most bang for your buck with our 24" cannons.