2023 Wedding Send Off Trends You Won't Want to Miss!



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Calling all 2023 and 2024 brides and grooms! As you’re planning your big day, there’s one detail that might slip your mind that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s not your table settings, or the lighting, or making sure Grandma Betty doesn’t sit next to Aunt Suzy during the rehearsal dinner. It’s your send off! Your send off is the very last moment you and your wedding party will share together before you head off into married life. You want to make it special! Plus, send offs can be the perfect opportunity to get some final shots of you and your partner. We've been on the lookout for the hottest 2023 wedding send off trends, so if you're looking for some wedding send off inspiration, keep reading!

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1: Sparkler Send Offs

Sparklers are by far the hottest send off trend of 2023! They're a classic send off trend for weddings. They add a beautiful array of light to your send off, lighting up the darkness after an into-the-night dance party at your reception. Sparklers also provide a great backdrop for your photos, as they double as a fun prop and a light source! So many brides have used sparklers when it comes to their send offs, as they’re an inexpensive, beautiful, and collaborative feature for your wedding.

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2: Bubble Send Offs

Bubble send offs are another option for wedding send offs! Simply invest in a bubble machine and let the beautiful bubbles flow over you and your partner. Your guests will love it, and this is a great option if you have little kids at your wedding. Just watch their faces light up as the bubble machine starts going!

Photo credits: @lumierevisualarts

3: Confetti Send Off

Another option for your send off is confetti! This is unique, as you can get confetti that matches your wedding colors. Many brides opt for a white or tan confetti, but adding a brightly colored option can spice up your send off!

Photo credits: @anna.valentine.photos

4: Streamer Send Off

Similar to confetti, streamers are also a wonderful option to add to your send off. Combine them with the same color confetti, or use them for a staple piece.

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5: Flower Petal

Give your wedding a dreamy feel with a flower petal send off! Most people use white petals, but coordinate the petals with your wedding colors for a cohesive, beautiful look! And, of course, this is the most environmentally friendly option, if you’re making eco-friendliness a priority on your special day.

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Based off what we've seen, sparkler send offs are the most popular type of send off for your 2023 and 2024 weddings. It shows off your “spark” as a couple (literally!), they’re easy to use, and make for beautiful photos! They’re a timeless send off, and you won’t regret using them at your wedding. Make sure to shop Peacock Sparklers for all your sparkler needs, for the market’s longest lasting, and most affordable, sparklers!